Annual report

In summary

We are very proud of what we have achieved in Save That Ass's first active year! We have sold roughly 250 copies of A Pocket Guide to Animal Asses of East Africa, by which we have raised a fair sum of €814,31 in 2020.

Since we have raised this money under the legal form of a general partnership, we had to transfer a lot of tax(es). Because we want to raise as much money as possible for nature conservation causes, we will continue as a foundation in the second term of 2021. To finance this, we are already working on a new product: so be sure to check in with our social media accounts!

Indication donation per booklet

Wondering how much money per fieldguide goes to EDGE of Existence? You can find an overview for every ordering method below. These are the averages calculated based on the orders of last year (2020).

Current sales

Covid-19 and all appurtenant measures have had a great impact, no less for our business operations, mainly concerning logistical restrictions and the time we had available to work on our projects.

Nevertheless, it's amazing that more than 150 people (!) found and supported our project!