Our aim

Protection of ecosystems and the organisms within them is essential for a sustainable way of life.
In order to achieve this, it is necessary to be conscious of our influence on the natural world and its consequences, as this plays an extremely important role in designing and implementing good conservation. Since conservation by definition is a tale of (minimising) loss, it is easy to lose sight of the difference we are making.

We therefore have to make sure that we not only effectively communicate points of improvement, but also the effects of our current efforts.

To do this, Save That Ass initiates (small) playful projects to raise money for, and improve awareness of, nature conservation projects and related charity organisations. These projects are currently entail retail sales of informative and humorous field guids.

Save That Ass explicitly has no profit motive and has no funds available.

Save That Ass

The unpaid committee consists of:

  • President - Sam Boerlijst
  • Vice president - Megan Amy Verhagen
  • Secretary - Lois van Laere
  • Treasurer - Amy Elisa Montanje
Our statutes can be found on the Dutch site.


Save That Ass
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