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Discerning species

When studying living beings, it is key to distinguish their species. Different animals do different things, respond in different ways and interact in different ways with their environment. By recognizing species, biologists are able to study them one by one and answer questions like: "What makes a lion so cool?", "When is a hippo too fat?" and "Why do mosquitoes exist?".

So, identifying species is extremely helpful, but it can be harder than it seems. Normally, species are distinguished by their physical characters, which works well on paper. However, in the field, a lot of animals are easily scared and thus run off, leaving you unable to see anything but... their ass. Sadly, relevant characters are often let out of field guides. Well, at least until now.

Therefore, during your next safari, sit back, enjoy the view and use this guide. Because now you'll know the answer to: "To which species does this ass belong?".

Supporting EDGE

Our first project, in collaboration with Stichting Godart, supports the charity organisation “Edge of Existence”. All proceeds gained by selling the field guide will go directly to their cause.

This field guide provides an accessible and informative way to discern 50 animal species of East Africa - including ? of its mammals, but also some reptiles and birds - by their behinds. It includes detailed photos, a clear determination key, descriptions of the 27 taxonomic families represented, fun facts and original illustrations.

Not convinced yet? Why don’t you try our online key “Assess by Asses” as a demonstration of our way of thinking?

The field guide can be bought for just €15,99 at every Dutch and Belgian bookstore, such as Bruna, Standaard Boekhandel and Bol.com.

Paperback, 2020, First edition, full-colour, 74 pages, ca. 30 illustrations, ISBN 978-90-8299-572-5