AVG protocol

Terms of use and privacy policy (AVG)

General Data Protection regulations for small businesses.
Starting from 16 February 2020.

The AVG supervises the processing of all data that can be traced to a person (personal data) throughout the EU.
The privacy policy of the Save That Ass is based on this law to protect personal data in the following way.

Personal data

The data that is shared with the Save That Ass will only be used for the purpose for which they were explicitly shared.
Examples of this are the shipping of products and sending newsletters.

The Save That Ass records data that are necessary for processing donations and gifts and sending its products.
No more data is collected than is necessary.

The Save That Ass only accepts donors, customers and followers who register on their own initiative.
Data is not collected in any other way.

Donor data

Save That Ass can personally thank donors. This is in all cases done in consultation with the persons involved.
No public notification of the donation and donor will be made without permission.


The website https://www.savethatass.org is provided with an SSL certificate. We do not place cookies.

Third parties

Save That Ass does not share data with third parties, unless explicitly requested (eg shipping of products via PostNL).


If desired, it is possible for those involved to have their data changed or deleted at any time.
For this you can contact info@savethatass.org.

Data storage

Personal data is only stored locally on the computer and as a backup on an external hard drive, with the secretary of Save That Ass.
She is also the supervisor of compliance with the AVG within Save That Ass. The computer is suitably secured and the hard disk is kept locked.

Permission for sharing images

Since its establishment, the Save That Ass has asked and will ask permission for the placement of visual material to all parties involved.


For questions about the privacy policy, please contact info@savethatass.org.