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Question 1

Is the butt hairless or featherless?
i) Yes, smooth as a baby
ii) Nope, but seems smooth still

Question 2

Would the butt be cold to the touch?
i) Cold on the surface, but not in the heart
ii) Warm and squishy

Question 3

Is the butt accompanied by a long tail?
i) Yes, a long tail with scales
ii) Nope, but small is also fine

Question 4

Are there spikes on the butt's tail?
i) Yes, standing proudly!
ii) Nope, just smooth

Question 5

Is the butt black to brown or pinkist to blushing red?
i) Yes, but don't fool yourself, they're not shy!
ii) Nope, they are greyish (try harder)

Question 6

Is there fur that butts against the bum?
i) Yes, contrasting the bare buttocks
ii) Nope, exposed and skin coloured, but often protected by clothing

Question 7

Does the head extremity have a horn?
i) Yes, this butt is horny
*disclaimer: keep your distance, always ask consent first*
ii) Nope, no point in that, is there?

Question 8

Is the ass bathed in water or sand?
i) Sand, seems itchy
ii) Water, nice and clean